Traditionally grown in southern Corsica, Minustellu is a synonym for Morrastrel, which is now part of the ‘Common catalogue of vine varieties’.

Particularly vigorous but very late developing, in bud burst and in reaching fruit maturity, Minustellu produces highly coloured wines with a beautiful deep red core and violet highlights. On the nose, it is expressive without being over the top, with black fruit aromas (blackberry, blueberry), red berries (cherries), dried nuts (almonds) with slightly spiced or even balsamic (mint) or empyreumatic notes (cocoa), and sometimes floral (violet). On the palate, the tannins are present but soft and silky. In a blend, Minustellu will add structure to Sciaccarellu and soften Niellucciu.
In terms of ageing, the aromas develop after 2 to 3 years in bottle.

Source : CRVI de Corse, Le Riacquistu des Cépages Corses.