Cualtacciu originates from Balagne and isn’t listed in the ‘Common catalogue of vine varieties’, but studies are now being carried out by the CRVI with the view to its addition.

This variety creates wines with a pale-yellow colour and distinctive, appetising green highlights. The nose is elegant and expressive, and characterised by its floral aromas (white flower, orange flower, honey), but is also fruity (grapefruit).
There is a distinct, crunchy acidity on the palate, and the body is light.
These qualities make it useful for bringing liveliness to a wine when used as part of a blend. Blended with Vermentinu, for example, it can brighten up a wine that is overly opulent and lacking in tension, while preserving its pleasant character.

Source : CRVI de Corse, Le Riacquistu des Cépages Corses.