Carcaghjolu Neru

This Sardinian variety can also be found in Australia under then name ‘False Carignan’, as well as in Portugal, where it is called ‘Monverdo’.

It brings colour to wines, with intense garnet tones and a light structure. Quite aromatic, it provides red and black fruit (cassis) notes, is lightly spiced, and has a vegetal character suggestive of bay leaves and undergrowth.
On the palate, the tannins of this characterful wine can be a little rustic when made from vines grown on rich soils, but they are never coarse.
As a rosé wine, Carcagholu Neru produces light bodied wines with notes of golden caramel and even some unusual hints of camphor.

Source : CRVI de Corse, Le Riacquistu des Cépages Corses.