Biancu Ghjentile

Biancu Ghjentile is traditionally grown in southern Corsica and produces wines that are pale yellow in colour with green and even golden highlights.

Its aromatic palette is bold and varies depending on the ripeness of the grapes: grapefruit, tropical fruit, peach, pear, fresh and dried apricot, candied orange, white fruit and flowers, honey, and a hint of mineral.
The tasting reveals good body and length, balance and freshness.
Just like Vermentinu, this is a variety that lends itself well to different types of winemaking and can therefore make a variety of wine styles (oak, concrete egg, residual sugar). Care must nonetheless be taken when pressing to limit its exposure to oxygen, as Biancu Ghjentile can oxidise very easily.

Source : CRVI de Corse, Le Riacquistu des Cépages Corses.