La cave à vin

Storia Di Tempu

Storia Di Tempu


Appellation: Vin de France

Vintage: Non Millésimé

Grape varieties: Aleaticu, Niellucciu, Sciaccarellu, Minustellu

Soil: Monzogranitic arenas

Harvest: Harvesting by hand

Winemaking and Maturation:
A blend of 3 different vintages aged in oak barrels:

  1. Aleaticu 2017 = 43 mois d’élevage
  2. Niellucciu/Sciaccarellu 2015 = 25 mois d’élevage
  3. Niellucciu/Minustellu 2016 = 14 mois d’élevage

Certification: Certified organic by ECOCERT

Serve: 16-18°C


The colour is dark. The nose is original and very spicy with notes of Sichuan pepper, immortal, fresh blackcurrant and toasted bread. The palate is balanced, round and full.

Fiche technique