Vintaghju is one of the many indigenous Corsican varieties that has unfortunately been neglected. It was rediscovered in Balagne.

This variety has yet to be listed in the ‘Common catalogue of vine varieties, but studies are now being carried out by the CRVI with the view to its addition.
Vintaghju makes deep red wines with violet highlights. On the nose, it has low intensity aromas but offers up red and black fruit and spices, generally lively and well-balanced. The wines are fleshy and the naturally plump tannins bring a delicate structure.
This variety could potentially be an important component in a blend as it brings both colour and tension, while also enhancing body. This is the case for example when blended with Niellucciu.
In the face of concerns about climate change, this late-ripening variety (compared with other varieties on the island) could be particularly important as its doesn’t develop excessively high sugars

Source : CRVI de Corse, Le Riacquistu des Cépages Corses.